“I just called to request a thermostat replacement as the one I have just died. Furnace is old but hanging on and still operating—it’s just that the thermostat went blank. Literally the furnace was running but the thermostat went dead when my visiting son tried to initiate a “hold” on the thermostat when he left the house as it was going to be empty for a few days. Your response to my request was, “don’t bother getting a new thermostat, your furnace is old and you need a new one.” This was not helpful. Why wouldn’t you facilitate the $300 solution (new thermostat) rather than the $6000 one (new furnace)? I know I will need a new furnace sooner rather than later—you’ve been telling me I need a new furnace for 10 years (and the fact that it’s kept working all that time makes me question your motives a little bit). But it seems worth it to me to make my existing system last as long as possible, and the thermostat is the one element of the system that has had no attention in all these years. I just would like to have received a more problem-solving response or at least some awareness that getting a whole new furnace for what might be easily fixable in the short term is a big deal and a difficult financial undertaking (I am retired and live alone). l’m a little frustrated at this point and planning to look elsewhere for help.”

– Diane D.

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