Common Mistakes People Make When Buying New AC in Seattle

Wallet for Purchasing new ACAt Ballard Natural Gas Service we want to make sure that the residents of Seattle make the most informed choices when replacing or installing a new air conditioner. We have noticed over the years a number or reoccurring problems with new AC purchases. Please take note of the mistakes listed here:

The wrong sized unit.
It is easy to buy a unit too large or too small for your space. A larger unit does not necessarily mean more cooling power. Each AC system is designed for certain sized spaces, different cooling needs, household age etc.. A unit that is too large or too small is inefficient and results in energy loss and money not well spent.

One of the HVAC Nate certified technicians in our office can provide you with an evaluation and calculation of the most appropriate system. There is a series of mathematical calculations that go into determining the right size for your home.

Hiring an Unqualified Contractor.
Make sure you hire someone that is experience and certified to do the job right. By hiring someone inexperience at a lower cost, you may save money up front but it could end up costing you big down the line in repairs and inefficient energy costs.

Check the certifications and qualifications of any company you are considering hiring and be wary of someone that is going to install a unit without a home evaluation for size first.

Not Getting a Written Estimate.

You should always get something in writing. Make sure your estimate includes a warranty, guaranteed of installation and timeframe details and terms for payment.

Shopping by Lowest Price.

We all like to save money and looking for the best deals is a smart way to shop, you should compare prices so that you can make an informed purchase. Shopping for the lowest price is not always the smartest move. The saying goes, you get what you pay for. Sometimes the lowest price is the best price, sometimes you get a low prices system because it is reflective of the quality that you are installing. Usually a higher price means more efficiency, less repairs and thorough installation. The reality is that your upfront cost may be higher but you will save money in the long run.

Non-matching Air Conditioning Components

If you are replacing your air conditioning system you should almost ALWAYS replace both the indoor and outdoor parts of the system. These two pieces are designed to work together. A mismatched system can be costly to run and costly to repair later.

Things to remember:

  • Do you research.
  • Get a maintenance contract.
  • Check for product rebates.

If you are in Seattle or the greater Seattle area request service online and if you are not sure if you are in our service area, check out our service area page for more information on the communities we serve.

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