Safety Devices

Surge protector.Surge/Voltage Stabilizer

  • Designed to dissipate the damaging effects of momentary voltage spikes
  • Also prevents other transient power surges including impulses from lightning
  • Designed specifically for HVAC systems
  • Protects some of the most expensive operating equipment in your home
  • Also comes with a 3-year product warranty and a $7,500 connected device warranty

Natural disaster valve.Natural Disaster Valve


  • This product is installed into the gas line supplying your home at the meter
  • Designed to shut off the supply of gas in the event of a natural disaster
  • Up to 50% of fires caused by natural disaster, like earthquakes, are caused by gas leaks in the home
  • Completely resettable by the homeowner and designed to last the life of your home
  • Some insurance providers offer rate reductions when this unit has been installed

Corrosion grenade.Corrosion Grenade


  • Increases the life of the piping in your HVAC or plumbing systems
  • Reduces metal corrosion in homes with mixed plumbing materials (copper/galvanized steel)
  • Maintains heat pump efficiency
  • A “Must Have” if your home is within five miles of a major body of water

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