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Our Price Lock Guarantee on All HVAC Services

How many times were you given one price for a heating and cooling project, only to end up paying a lot more?

Navigating the world of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) services can often feel like a journey through a maze of uncertainty—especially when it comes to pricing.

That’s why Ballard Natural Gas offers our [linked-city-1], customers our exclusive heating, cooling, and electrical Price Lock Guarantee.

What Is a Price Lock Guarantee?
Our HVAC Price Lock Guarantee is more than just a promise—it is a cornerstone of our service approach. Unlike many HVAC companies that offer vague estimates, we provide precise quotes.

This means the price we quote is a carefully calculated and reliable figure, not just a rough guess. We take pride in offering our customers peace of mind, knowing that the price they are quoted is the price they will pay.

We understand that one of the most significant pain points for homeowners is receiving an initial heating and cooling price estimate, only to be blindsided by higher costs later on.

In stark contrast to this common industry practice, we’ve established a policy that not only provides peace of mind but also sets a new standard in HVAC services.

Ballard’s Price Lock Guarantee: A Trustworthy Approach
Unlike many other HVAC companies, our approach to pricing is rooted in precision and integrity. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Accurate Quotes Over Estimates: When we say we provide quotes, we mean it. Our prices are carefully calculated and reflect the actual cost of the work needed, not a ballpark figure that could significantly change.
  • Steadfast Pricing: The price we quote is the price you pay—simple as that. The only exception is if you choose to change the scope of work. This ensures that the final bill won’t come as an unpleasant surprise.
  • Comprehensive Onsite Consulting: Our thorough initial consultations are key to our accuracy. We don’t just scratch the surface; we dive deep to understand every aspect of your HVAC project, ensuring all potential costs are accounted for in our quote.
  • Inclusion of All Fees and Permits: There are no hidden fees with us. Our quotes include all expenses related to your HVAC project, encompassing necessary permits and other related costs.
  • Why This Matters
    Our Price Lock Guarantee is more than just a pricing policy—it’s a commitment to honesty and customer respect.

    It is not uncommon in the HVAC industry for homeowners to face unexpected cost increases. Initial estimates provided by some contractors can often be subject to significant adjustments, sometimes by as much as 20 percent.

    Our Price Lock Guarantee protects you against this uncertainty. We believe in providing our [city-1], customers with a clear, upfront, and dependable pricing structure, allowing you to confidently plan and budget.

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